Christa Chan

Christa Chan, Concierge

Professionally Speaking:  With nearly a decade of experience working as an educator to now managing an education center as well as proudly working at Scarsdale Dental Spa, I’ve been fortunate to glean insights into operational efficiency and effective administration along the way. My journey has been one of continuous learning and growth, shaped by the challenges and opportunities encountered in office management. 

Through this experience, I’ve developed a strong proficiency in technology, finding ways to adapt software and hardware solutions to improve processes and performance. While I’ve explored areas like data analytics and SQL, I remain grounded in the understanding that there is always more to learn. My leadership approach is centered on humility, striving to motivate teams through empathy and collaboration rather than dictation. In the realm of healthcare administration, my aspirations are modest yet earnest. 

I hope to contribute meaningfully to organizations by supporting transformative projects and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. With gratitude for the opportunities before me, I aim to make a positive impact in whatever capacity I can.  

Personally Speaking: As a recent graduate, I hold dual Bachelor’s degrees: a B.S. in Biology from the University of Mount Saint Vincent and another in Health Science from Mercy University. I am honored to have achieved summa cum laude distinctions in both. 

Currently, I’m pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Mercy University.  When I’m not immersed in my studies, I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with cooking. I am a very proud Filipina and love to introduce people to the wonders of Filipino cuisine.  

I love spending time with my family. I have a wonderful mom and dad, as well as a younger sister. I became a recent dog mom to two adorable Pomeranians, Ikko and Iya. I’m also quite handy with technology, particularly in building keyboards and PCs. I have a knack for refurbishing old laptops and desktops, giving them a new lease on life. 

Additionally, I’m an avid gamer, and I enjoy playing video games on various platforms with friends. Music is another passion of mine. You will always find me tinkering with the office playlist. I love to sing and do karaoke. I have a collection of guitars that I love to play whenever I have the chance. Overall, I strive to find a balance between my academic pursuits, work life, and my hobbies, finding joy in all realms of my life. 

Fun fact: My parents, Gil and Chin, are both physical therapists who have worked across the hall from Scarsdale Dental Spa for many years. Thanks to them, I have met the wonderful staff and experienced the care as a patient and now get the wonderful experience as part of the team!

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