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Pediatric Dentistry

dentist for kids

Kids just love to visit our office

toys at Scarsdale Dental SpaAt the end of a visit, each child receives a fun gift.TV for kids at Scarsdale Dental Spatoys at Scarsdale Dental SpaChairs for kids at Scarsdale Dental Spatoys at Scarsdale Dental Spatoys at Scarsdale Dental Spatoys at Scarsdale Dental Spa
From the friendly assortment of stuffed animals, over-sized toothbrushes and assorted toys to the cartoons and children's shows on TV, we have all the kid-friendly touches that will make your child feel at ease and actually enjoy his visit to the dentist. The needs of children are addressed at Scarsdale Dental Spa by our sympathetic and understanding staff, many who have children of their own. At the end of a visit, each child receives a fun gift. Seeking a dentist for your children? We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please contact us. Pediatric Health History You'll be asked to provide a completed Health History Form, which you can download and fill-in prior to your visit, or complete at our offices. To download printable forms, please click on the links below. Child's Registration and History Consent to Treatment HIPPA Privacy Form
My whole family has been receiving care from the dentists at SDS for years, & we have been nothing but completely satisfied- both with the level of care we have received, the clarity in which procedures are explained along with the fees that accompany them, and the overall friendliness of the staff! This entire office is a breath of fresh air, and Dr. David Greene is the best in his field- truly an exceptional dentist! I never thought dentistry could be painless, but Dr. Greene somehow achieves this!

Sleep is boring! Crabby Cornelia hates sleep. She would rather stay up all night playing, even if it makes her really, really tired in the morning. There’s a reason she’s always in a bad mood. Come and explore Friendly Forest on a magic ride with Bobby Blanket, Crabby Cornelia, Penelope Pillow and all their friends. They’ll take you on an enchanted journey to discover the secret hidden messages your body gives you when it’s time to sleep and show you how you can buzz with energy every morning! With a little help from the fairies, Melanie Melatonin and Cory Cortisol (and a sprinkling of fairy dust) you can discover how to be a Master of Sleep!

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