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It is crucial to find acceptable menus for the elderly, since they usually lose their appetites and desire to drink. Finding healthy and visually inviting meals is easy if you take the time to speak about their likes and dislikes. Including vegetables, fruits, and healthy juices filled with vitamin C can be very well received. Most older people do not like to drink and can become easily dehydrated, so monitoring their intake is very important.

Dysphagia is a swallowing condition which requires foods to be puréed and liquids to be thickened. It’s a simple process to purée any food in a blender with the proper liquid to break down into a smooth consistency. All fluids can be thickened with a powder thickener product. Let’s not forget we can purchase frozen fruits and create our own delicious smoothies! These drinks quench their thirst and lift their spirits.

I have been cooking and preparing puréed menus for my Mother for many years. I feel it’s so necessary to share my experiences with others who are in need of helping their loved ones in this situation. Using their favorite seasonings and foods will help them stay healthier and continue to desire meals. Desserts should also be a big part of their day, giving them something to look forward to.

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Dr. David M. Greene, DMD

As the founder and Executive Director of Scarsdale Dental Spa, Dr. David M. Greene, DMD oversees all clinical services. His high level of skill and understanding nature has allowed him to provide patients with the best in dental care for over 30 years.