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I have had cats since I was in my twenties, and after 4 decades of caring for many wonderful felines , I just had to share this most recent story. My older cat, Vinny, has been fighting a fast growing carcinoma on his neck. After having four surgeries every 3 months or so, my vet advised me to take him to a cancer center. I really needed to get another opinion so I could become more educated about how animals get the same cancers as humans do. It’s been 2 years of trying to lengthen his life and keep him comfortable. They assured me as long as he is eating and acting normal, he is not in any pain. So I took the advice of the specialist and began chemo. First we used a pill form, while adding anti-nausea meds & appetite stimulants. He did not show any negative signs or reaction to this treatment, so we did this for 12 sessions in one month. With no real difference in the size of the tumors, they recommended an injectable Chemo. So far, Vinny is doing really well , eating and drinking special milk for cats. We will continue as long as he improves, he is actually very active and more affectionate than ever!

I wanted to write about this because so many of us are not aware that it is so important to look for answers and never give up. My cats are my children and have given me so much love and pleasure, I just cannot give up on them! I am seeing such positive results and have such gratitude for my vet , Dr. Michael Woltz for being such a knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. He has been with me step by step and I recommend his Central Animal Hospital to everyone I know.

Stay tuned for more stories about how pets affect our lives!

Dr. David M. Greene, DMD

As the founder and Executive Director of Scarsdale Dental Spa, Dr. David M. Greene, DMD oversees all clinical services. His high level of skill and understanding nature has allowed him to provide patients with the best in dental care for over 30 years.