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In this digital age that we live in, more and more people are turning to the internet to look up and research information. With the worldwide web so readily available at the palm of our hands, people are “googling” their problems and solutions rather than seeking the help and advice of professionals. With popular social media like facebook, twitter, and youtube as Americas favorite past time, you can sometimes come across trending topics that have no reputable source. In other words, people end up posting or blogging some crazy things. Some things people post are at times funny, entertaining and sometimes educational. Other posts can be completely useless or down-right dangerous. When these dangerous blogs and posts begin to trend, it becomes that much more important to dispute the falsified information that’s found on social media. I was shocked when I read about some student using rubber bands to close the gaps on her teeth just because she could not afford braces. I was even more shocked that the trend caught on and more people were starting to do it. There were no disclaimers or warnings about how she was not a dental professional or how your teeth could fall out as a result. When it comes to your health, people need to realize that it is best left to the professionals. Taking it upon yourself to diagnose and treat a condition can lead to irreversible consequences that can greatly impact your health.

Watch ABC News coverage of DIY Dentistry here.

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Dr. David M. Greene, DMD

As the founder and Executive Director of Scarsdale Dental Spa, Dr. David M. Greene, DMD oversees all clinical services. His high level of skill and understanding nature has allowed him to provide patients with the best in dental care for over 30 years.