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Women in their 40s are more likely to fear the dentist more than any other age group, according to an ongoing University of Sydney study. The study, now in its fifth year, shows that women of this age were most likely to have perceived a “traumatic dental experience, abuse, trauma and oro-facial trauma.” These women were also more likely to be depressed, have general anxiety, suffer from stress and also had trouble coping with pain, often perceiving pain in “alarmist ways” like it’s a catastrophe. (source: CBS News)


Here at Scarsdale Dental Spa, our staff specializes in helping those patients who have fear and anxiety about coming to the dentist.  We make sure that you understand everything that will take place during your visit, and will not begin treatment until you are entirely comfortable and relaxed.

What people are saying about Scarsdale Dental Spa:
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I have had everything from simple cleanings to root canals and oral surgery at Scarsdale Dental Spa, all with amazing results. To the comforting atmosphere of the office to the caring professorial staff to the cutting edge tech they use to achieve the most pain free results, SDA is the best place to go for all your dental needs.


Dr Vermani is wonderful as are all the staff at the Scarsdale dental spa. I cannot express how much they make both my children feel settled and comfortable at each visit. If you are still unsure give them a visit and see for your self how friendly and warm they are. they even check up on me regularly after I have root canal and crown done earlier this year!


I would recommend the Scarsdale dental spa for adults and children as the relaxed atmosphere and amazing staff make the trips to the dentist a pleasure rather than a fear!! Thanks so so much for your patience and genuine care.


Had a very deep cavity. Taken care of without pain and came out beautiful. Another excellent experience as always.


They were thorough, friendly and the whole experience was really nice. I no longer dread going to the dentist! I highly recommend Scarsdale Dental Spa. I recently had a root canal and crown. The root canal was painless and not uncomfortable at all. The crown looks great. If you live in the Scarsdale area, this is the place to go.

Dr. David M. Greene, DMD

As the founder and Executive Director of Scarsdale Dental Spa, Dr. David M. Greene, DMD oversees all clinical services. His high level of skill and understanding nature has allowed him to provide patients with the best in dental care for over 30 years.