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DIY Dentistry

DIY Dentistry: A Dangerous Trend

In this digital age that we live in, more and more people are turning to the internet to look up and research information. With the worldwide web so readily available at the palm of our hands, people are “googling” their problems and solutions rather than seeking the help and... Read More →
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night guards

Down to the Grind, Benefits of a Night Guard

Teeth Grinding Perhaps the most common dental issue that I have seen in my years as a dental assistant and hygienist is teeth grinding. For most people, it is a manifestation of some form of stress. It can also come from a misalignment of teeth or a poor “bite”. This elusive... Read More →
Orthodontics Maintenance

Brace Yourself: Orthodontics Maintenance Guide

Nowadays, it is more common to get braces in your adolescent years. For some children, it is a rite of passage in middle school uniting all “metal mouths” alike. As a child, getting braces is something new to show off among your friends or a way to express yourself. You have the... Read More →
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dental anxiety

Dental Anxiety | Fear of Going to the Dentist

  Despite the advancement of technology and techniques in dentistry, dental anxiety remains a serious obstacle for many people. The fear of going to the dentist and avoiding routine dental care can have severe repercussions on a person’s teeth and overall health.... Read More →
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pre wedding pampering

Pre-wedding Pampering

As the average budget on weddings increase steadily every year, it’s no surprise that brides and grooms are pampering themselves and de-stressing more before they tie the knot. Aside from the relaxing and rejuvenating affects, treating yourself to a spa or cosmetic procedure gets... Read More →